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A fully comprehensive Travel Clinic in Bury, Greater Manchester, offering vaccinations, antimalarials and free health advice

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Bury Travel Clinic are here with information and advice concerning all travel related healthcare.

Delivering Quality Travel Care


Bury Travel Clinic is designed to advise and keep every member of the Community safe on their travels. Book now and get ready for yours!


The clinic is run by highly experienced pharmacists with extensive training in administering vaccinations and antimalarials.


We’re more than just vaccinations. We also provide up-to-date travel health advice to keep you extra safe. Click below to book with us!

Bury Travel Clinic

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Delivering Quality Travel Care

Bury Travel Clinic works to provide high quality travel care and essential services.

Our clinic is designed to advise and assist the local community with all travel related medical care.

Our pharmacists are highly experienced and have extensive training in administering vaccinations, antimalarials, and up-to-date travel advice.

It’s our job and our focus to keep our community safe as they travel the world and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Bury guarantees excellent customer care at all times!

Our patients mean everything to us and are all treated the same, with respect, courtesy, and confidentiality.

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What our patients say

“I needed vaccinations before travelling for work. The staff at Bury Travel Clinic were incredibly helpful, explaining which would be needed and booked me in quickly and easily.”

Steve Summers

“I went away on an extended travel adventure, but had no idea what vaccines I’d need. I got in touch and the staff gave me all the advice and treatment I needed.”

Nora Adams

“Visiting family abroad and needed jabs. Fast, friendly and great price! Definitely recommend.”

Lucy Webster

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